Taking Your Mom "Out" For Dinner This Mother's Day

Taking Your Mom

By Chelsea Finnigan

Mother’s Day might be very different this year, but you can still stay connected with your mom even from quarantine! This year I plan on ordering my mom SkipTheDishes to arrive at her house at the same time an order from SkipTheDishes arrives at my house, then opening a video chat with her. It requires a little bit of coordination and planning, but it is very doable. It is arguably the same amount of planning and coordination that would go into making a reservation and getting everyone to the restaurant at the correct time.

Something I really like about ordering my mom food through an app is I can get my mom whatever she wants from any restaurant she wants, and order something else, even from a completely different restaurant for myself! Its nice to be able to treat everyone to whatever they are craving during one get together and skip deciding on where to go. I am really looking forward to being able to connect with my mom over a meal!

Oh, and I signed my mom up for a subscription to her favourite Partake style, the Stout. Now my dad can sneak a few out of the fridge and my mom will still have enough to make it through the month!

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