Partake Red with pint glass

Red Ale - 24 Cans

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Tasting Notes:  
Crafted with a mix of five malts, Partake Red Ale boasts rich caramel, toasted bread and roasted almond notes. Chestnut-hued with warm cherry highlights and a frothy off-white head, it’s light-bodied and refreshing with a toasty flavour lingering in the finish.  

Food Pairing:
The red ale’s toasty, nutty and caramelly flavours sync up with simple, lighter dishes, like a club sandwich, or a salad topped with nuts and dried fruit, or a mild cheese like Gruyère. This malt-forward beer will tame the heat of spicy fare, like Nashville-style hot chicken or fiery dan dan noodles. 

Smooth and soft with ribbons of caramel malt and toast, this balanced brew will be a hit with lovers of classic English and Irish ales. 

INGREDIENTS: Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast

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