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This is an amazing product. I’m a huge beer fan, IPAs specifically. I no longer crave real beer. Low calories too. Keep up the great work!

Awesome IPA

Nice to find a non-achoholic beer that has some character. The IPA is really good. And it didn’t cross an ocean to get here, which is good for the local economy.

Best near beer I have tasted, and it's local!

Chris Lowry
Finally… a non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t taste horrible. Let go your negative perception of near beer products and try this IPA. I really look forward to the stout and lager!

Real beer taste!

Well my 24 mixer pack arrived today and ( as requested ) there were no radlers included , not a fan , and the new Partake , so I had to try it first . In a word , delicious . As good as any craft beer IPA . Hoppy but not over the top , without a overly strong aftertaste. And only 10 calories , are you serious ? IBU 26 , but tastes higher . Can’t wait to try the others.

Excellent IPA

Jim Cooper
Great hoppy taste, nice aroma, deep colour, and good foam make this the best nearbeer IPA. Goes very well with meat and strong cheeses. Highly recommended!

Partake tastes better than some regular IPAs

Having given up on alcohol free brews I was anxious to find something with a taste that matches that of regular beer. I was delighted to find your product matches premium IPA beers. I’ve taken it to parties allowing me to drive others without feeling left out. I’ve ordered it twice so far and expect to be a long term customer.

Real IPA taste - no compromise

Frank Mancuso
This beer stands on its own with the best tasting beers of the world.

Excellent quality beer

This beer stands on its own with the best tasting beers of the world.
By far and away, the best of all of the non-alcoholic beers I’ve had. The long and short of it : it’s great!

It's great.

I love this beer!

The best!!