Why Athletes Are Choosing Non-Alcoholic Beer

Why Athletes Are Choosing Non-Alcoholic Beer

02 Dec

Non-alcoholic beer is a beverage you will find a lot of people drinking if you ever visit the finish line of a sporting event. Other than the obvious reason that drinking less alcohol is better for everyone all around, there’s good reason for it.

Non-alcoholic beer contains a plant-based compound called polyphenols, which are organic compounds that define taste. Studies on the health benefits of polyphenols have showed that they lower inflammation making it a perfect recovery drink for after a difficult workout. Plus, you don’t need to feel guilty about drinking lots: the more non-alcoholic beer you drink, the greater the benefit!

Another reason athletes are choosing non-alcoholic beer as their recovery drink is because it’s an isotonic drink – it tastes good, and it’s good for the body, while having less calories and sugars than other isotonic sports beverages. Non-alcoholic beer is a great delivery method for electrolytes as well, restoring balance after your workout!

When considering your recovery drink for your next workout, consider Partake! We offer all the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer without loading on calories that make your workout redundant!

Enhance your workout. Drink Partake.


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