Behind The Brew: Hazy IPA

Behind The Brew: Hazy IPA

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Brewed based on popular demand, our 25-calorie, non-alcoholic Hazy IPA provides a burst of citrus flavours with a complex aroma. If you’re wondering what makes Hazy IPA’s one the most popular styles in the industry, here’s a brief background on the brew.


What is a Hazy IPA?

The IPA is a staple style in the beer industry. With the experimentation of different hop and yeast strains, brewers have created a fuller bodied IPA, called a hazy IPA, that capitalizes on the fruity notes from the large hop count.


What’s the difference between an IPA & a Hazy IPA?

Hazy IPAs are brewed with more dry hops, creating a more intense fruity aroma and flavour. This style of IPA is also brewed with more grains than a traditional IPA, giving it a hazy appearance and soft mouthfeel. A bit hoppier than regular IPAs, Hazy IPAs are unfiltered which also lends to its unique appearance.


Why brew an NA Hazy IPA?

The excitement surrounding Hazy IPAs has already transformed the brewing industry, and now we at Partake Brewing aim to raise the bar higher with a non-alcoholic Hazy IPA! At Partake, we believe that our 25-calorie, non-alcoholic brew can rival any Hazy IPA, meaning that any beer enthusiast can enjoy the great taste without having to worry about the added calories and no matter the reason for choosing to cut back on alcohol. 


How to best enjoy this brew?

There’s nothing better than enjoying a Hazy IPA while socializing with friends and family. When you drink great beer with great people, you create a memory that will last forever. Hazy IPAs are not just a fad that will pass, they’re a style that is here to stay. For the beer lover that’s always looking for a balance of new and interesting but at the same time, something familiar, our Hazy IPA is the perfect combo of both.


Our Hazy IPA can be exclusively purchased from our online store for a limited time while quantities last. Don’t miss out on this special style!