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Behind The Brew: Mango Gose

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Fun, fruity, flavourful – and most, notably, the smallest batch we’ve ever brewed. Keep reading to learn the unique story behind our limited-edition Mango Gose. 


When was Mango Gose first released? 

Mango Gose was first released alongside our popular Peach Gose in summer 2020 as a limited time add-on to purchases from our online store. Customers who received samples of each Gose were asked to complete a short survey about how they enjoyed each brew. While both brews received lots of love, Peach Gose narrowly proved to be the favourite of the two, which is why we decided to brew more and bring it back in summer 2021 before making Peach Gose a permanent part of our lineup. 

In the last two years since the initial launch of Mango Gose as a sample add on, we’ve received many requests to bring this brew back and make it available for purchase. Listening to Partake fans, we brewed another small batch to provide our customers with another great-tasting, low-calorie, non-alcoholic option for enjoying this summer. 


What is unique about Mango Gose? 

Brewed with coriander, sea salt, and natural fruit flavours, Mango Gose is simply sweet with a tropical twist. At just 15 calories, 2g of carbs, and 0g of sugar per can, this brew will have you in anticipation for your next vacation. 


How does Mango Gose compare to Peach Gose and Cherry Gose? 

While Peach Gose balances notes of sweet and spicy, and Cherry Gose strikes a bit more sour, Mango Gose is light and bright with tropical twist of tartness. Whatever your flavour preference, all three Gose styles are fun, fruity and just 15 calories, making them the perfect pick for enjoying on warm, sunny days! 


What food should I pair with Mango Gose? 

The zingy hops can take on a kale Caesar salad and hold its own against aged cheddar and gouda, while its bubbly body will refresh your palate after a bite of a loaded chicken, veggie or beef burger. 


Mango Gose is available for a limited time while quantities last!

Mango Gose