Our Story

“I gave up drinking alcohol after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, but I wasn’t ready to give up craft beer. That’s why I founded Partake Brewing and created non-alcoholic craft beers with the same great taste and variety I’ve always been passionate about. Cheers!”

– Partake Founder, Ted Fleming.

why partake?

What Partake Lovers are Saying

I love Partake IPA non alcoholic beer! I’ve tried other non alcohol IPAs from other brewers, but I like Partake the best. Only 10 calories and only 4 ingredients! Water, barley, hops and yeast. Tastes great! Keep up the great work!

Andy Milam

For many years, I was an avid beer drinker preferring strong ales and heavy stouts. Nine years ago, I confronted the fact that I was an alcoholic and chose a life of sobriety. My love of beer didn’t end there, but my enjoyment sure did! I couldn’t find a non-alcoholic beer that satisfied my tastes until I discovered Partake. Partake ale was my #1 choice until I tried your stout. I can’t believe non-alcoholic beer can taste this good and only have 10 calories. Thanks for bringing the joy of beer back into this sober alcoholic’s life!

Dave Addison

Thank you so much for what you are doing. It’s nice that fellow beer lovers can now have a delicious beer, which is also low in carbs, without getting drunk. You’ve done us all a great service. Keep it up!

Sean MacMillan

I had the good fortune to try a few cans of Partake’s IPA when I purchased them at the Toronto Baby Show and, like their Pale Ale, it is FANTASTIC. There is absolutely no other non-alcoholic beer that has this much flavour and bitterness. As one reviewer put it, it would even fool a regular IPA-lover into thinking this is a real alcoholic IPA beer. In fact, this tastes better than some of the regular IPA’s out there. If you love the hoppiness/bitterness of IPA’s but don’t need the alcohol, you need to get Partake’s IPA.


I quit drinking, but I love a beer on a summer evening. This is perfection in a can.

Gil Montegue

I tried a few non-alcoholic beers made in Europe and Canada but did not care for the taste. When I discovered Partake Beer, the beer tasted like the real thing. A friend even grabbed one of the Partake beers out of the cooler by mistake on a recent fishing trip. I told him he just drank a non-alcoholic beer after his last sip. His only complaint — missed the buzz he usually gets after a few beers.

Vince P Mayne

You’ve so significantly improved my summer. I’m currently going through chemotherapy (following surgery 2 months ago). Cancer has taken a lot of my favourite things away from me. Your beers have brought me so much joy! I ordered a couple cases, and already scouted out a pub nearby that carries Partake. Thank you thank you.


I absolutely will Partake! Meds made me switch to near beer & this brewery is about to seize the 80% growth in near beer sales I predict! There are tons of us out there- had to stop real beer but long for IPA hop profile! Another brewery in Michigan made an IPA at .5% but stopped brewing it as they had their standard beers that were suffering. Partake is bypassing that mistake by just taking on one task! 🍻 cheers!

Kingsly Ray

I had read good things about this beer and the real hops flavours and aromas did not disappoint. The 10 calories per can is outstanding.

Chase Harrington

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 45 years, I was 10 years old when diagnosed. I’ve been seeking a non-alcohol, low carb and calorie beer for many, many years. Your beer hits everything I’ve been looking for: a great-full taste, very low calories and carbs and close to 0 % alcohol. I now can enjoy a great tasting beer and not be concerned about the impact on my diabetes and overall health. Thank-you!!

Brad Gill