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Partake best non alcoholic beers

Award-Winning Non-Alcoholic Beer

CHFA Launchpad Winner
2018 Top 10 In Grocery Awards Winner
Frankfurt International Beer Trophy - 2020 Grand Gold
2021 World Beer Awards - Winner - Silver

The Official Beer of Adulting

Authentically brewed, with a wide selection and low-calorie count. Whether it’s a chill night with friends, a post-workout beverage or crushing parenting duty, Partake makes being responsible refreshingly satisfying.







Alcohol doesn’t have a monopoly on good times

Partake is the official beer of adulting and we’re on a mission to prove that alcohol doesn’t own good times. Cutting back or taking a break from alcohol shouldn’t mean sacrificing the social connections that come along with it. Brewed by beer lovers for beer lovers, our great tasting, low calorie, natural and uniquely crafted non-alcoholic beers allow everyone to Partake in the moment and occasion.



Today we boast Blonde, Pale, Red, IPA, Dark/Stout and Peach Gose as part of Partake’s genuinely crafted NA offerings. That’s not by accident. It’s part of our mission of social inclusion. If NA drinkers want to feel good about their beverage of choice, they need a choice to begin with. Preferably one that doesn’t waver on taste. Partake is as delicious as beer because it is beer. But unlike both our alcoholic and non-alcoholic counterparts, our beers fall into the 10-30 calorie range, the lowest on the market. This combination of great taste, range of flavours and low calories make Partake a refreshingly obvious choice for any beer drinker.


As the category continues to grow, so does Partake’s commitment to challenge stigmas and expectations around non-alcoholic beer and social acceptance. A great-tasting, low calorie, NA beer makes a lot more sense with more on our plates than ever. The same pride we take in living a full, balanced life is the same pride we should have every time we reach for a Partake. So let’s wear our responsibilities like a badge of honour. And make Partake the official beer of Adulting.


When Partake founder Ted Fleming was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he made a decision to give up alcohol. But he didn’t want to give up his social life. So when Ted began exploring non-alcoholic beer, he found it came with a stigma. NA beer invited judgement. NA beer didn’t taste very good. NA beer lacked choice. So in 2017, he turned from engineer to entrepreneur and founded Partake. In creating his own mission, he created ours: to craft a variety of expertly brewed, low calorie, non-alcoholic beers that people are proud to drink in any social setting. 


Partake was founded by Ted. Ted loved beer, and the good times that came with it, so he started Partake to bring people together, and allow them to share friendly moments regardless of what they drink, without ever feeling judged.

“We’re passionate about how a drink is a catalyst for connection and believe a drink should be judged by how it tastes and feels, not by its alcohol content.”

Since brewing the first batch in his garage (typical) he and the team crafted 6 great non alc brews that not only taste great but are the lowest in carbs and calories, and continue to explore the various flavours the world of beverages has to offer to all.

I launched Partake Brewing to bring all the things that make craft beer great to non-alcoholic beer drinkers.

—Ted Fleming

Partake Brewing Founder & CEO

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