Our Award Winning Non-Alcoholic Beers

Everything you love about great beer with none of the regret

Great Taste

Partake tastes and drinks like a beer because it is. We're for people who love beer- the taste, the refreshment, the good times. Great tasting, in 5+ flavours, no compromises.

Low Calorie 

We are hands down the lowest calorie non-alcoholic beer on the market. Our non-alcoholic beers are as low as 10 calories and as few as zero carbohydrates.

0.3% ABV 

At just 0.3% ABV, Partake non-alcoholic beers contain the same amount of alcohol that you might find in store bought orange juice making it just as safe.

All Natural Ingredients

We use four simple ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, and Yeast. The whole brewing process is vegan and all natural meaning you can Partake with a clear conscience.

Award Winning 

Our beers have won several awards since our first batch in 2017, including the World’s Best award in the non-alcoholic category at the World Beer Awards.

We are Social   

We believe that beer is a catalyst for social connection. No matter what your reason is for cutting back on alcohol, we want you to partake in social activities and connections that are inclusive and rewarding.

Cheers to Adulting


Adulting is not having to choose between Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Adulting is opting for a post-workout brew that’s lean on calories without skimping on flavour. Adulting is making our responsibilities more refreshing. So let’s raise a glass to adulting. Because adulting isn’t just about getting stuff done, it’s about getting it done deliciously. And with a mouth-watering variety of expertly crafted brews, Partake makes it easy to adult with the great taste of a low-calorie, non-alcoholic beer anywhere, anytime.

Taste worth Talking About


Born from a passion for great beer and great moments, we're passionate about how beer is a catalyst for social connection and believe a beer should be judged by how it tastes and feels, not by its alcohol content.  



Get the beer for tonight that won’t slow you down tomorrow.