A Note From Partake

A Note From Partake
Partake Brewing stands with our Black communities now and in the future. We acknowledge the pain you are experiencing both in this current moment and for hundreds of years, and acknowledge that there is work to be done to dismantle the systemic anti-black racism that is baked into the foundation of our society. As a company founded on family and inclusion for everyone, the discrimination that BIPOC face in Canada and the USA (North America) every day must come to an end.

The beer and brewing industry is not a diverse one, and we would like to see it become so. We believe in the connection created through beer and we believe that everyone, regardless of health, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, geography, or personal choice should enjoy equal opportunities in life.  We know that change must happen and we are committed to listening, reflecting, and learning to understand how we can do more to support the Black community.  We are committing to do what we can to walk that walk.   This last week we listened to improve ourselves and let those who needed to be heard have a voice.  We went silent on all of our social media channels, are donating to Facing History and Ourselves, and have commenced immediate steps to address our gaps in reflecting the diversity of our consumers.  This is just the first step on a  long road of work that needs to be done.
Black Lives Matter

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