How healthy is your liver?

How healthy is your liver?

This past week took a sudden turn as a family member was rushed to hospital feeling faint and having had an “upset stomach” for several weeks. A CT scan at the hospital revealed an inflamed liver. Blood work and a biopsy confirmed that the cause was Autoimmune Hepatitis. Most people assume that liver disease is a result of heavy drinking or drug use and this can be the case but isn’t necessarily so. There are over 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a variety of factors affecting everyone from infants to older adults. The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) is a great resource and a worthy charity to support. Signs you may have liver disease include jaundice, a swollen abdomen or tenderness in the area of the liver. How much alcohol is too much for your liver? The CLF suggest a maximum of 10 drinks per week for women (2 per day max) and 15 drinks per week for men (3 per day max). It also recommends that you should completely avoid alcohol if you have liver disease, are taking medication (prescription or over-the-counter), or are pregnant or nursing.
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