Partake beer cake

How To Build A Partake Beer Cake

Posted by Alicia Van Hyfte on

Special occasions are often celebrated with a cake, but we all know someone (or maybe we are that someone) who would prefer a bunch of beer over a homemade dessert.

Enter our DIY Partake Beer “Cake”—a crafty project that’s equally as festive and thoughtful, but with much more beer and way less calories than a decadent pastry.

Partake beer cake

What You’ll Need:

  • A cupcake stand
  • Partake craft NA beers (enough cans to fill the cupcake stand)
  • Party decorations – Ribbon, balloons, confetti, and anything else you might want to add
  • Tape
Partake beer cake


1. Assemble the Partake brews on the cupcake stand.

2. Tape ribbon onto the edges of the cupcake stand.

3. Add balloons by attaching a few around the base of the cupcake stand and/or inflating a couple of balloons with helium and taping the attached ribbon onto the top of the cupcake stand.

4. Add any additional decorations that you would like!

5. Dust with confetti to add some sparkle.

You’ve got yourself a Partake Beer “Cake”! Let the celebrating begin!