Invite Partake To Your Wedding

Invite Partake To Your Wedding

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The Conundrum

When we received Danielle's pre-order for Partake, there was message from her. The last line read: "I'd love Partake to be part of my big day!" At this point, Partake hadn't even been packaged yet. The Partake release date was planned for a week before her wedding date and was tentative at best. This was Danielle's wedding! Of course Partake had to be there but, would it be possible?

Partake fresh off the presses. (@partakebrewing)

The Cheesestick Night

Danielle and Izzy's love story began three and a half years ago with what they coin "The Cheesestick Night". They had been friends through Danielle's sister for years before but on this faithful night, their special connection unexpectedly took a new and exciting turn. Izzy was visiting Danielle's sister and Danielle popped over to surprise them. Once there, she found Izzy standing at the top of a staircase in the pitch dark illuminated only by her cell phone screen. Looking up at Izzy, Danielle was mesmerized and watched Izzy as she chomped on a stick of cheese. It just so happens that at that very moment, Izzy was texting Danielle to come over...and the rest is history.

The Wedding

Danielle and Izzy's vision for their wedding was to be a casual affair with all their closest friends and family. They chose The Lodge in Tolland, CT as their location which boasts beautiful vaulted ceilings, a huge wraparound porch, and a pond outside. Green, copper, white and lavender speckled the space in the decor and flowers. The extravagance in this wedding revolved around the love of and for the couple.

A single Partake IPA can chatting up the decor. (*Photo courtesy of Nathan Dowd)

Saying their vows to each other was a highlight for this couple. Unknowingly and catching herself off guard, Izzy's first words to Danielle were: "Are you even listening to me?" This received a good laugh from friends and family aware that Danielle occasionally needs a check in. Both women said very heartfelt things with Danielle always adding a punch of humour.

The beautiful couple sharing a special beer moment with each other. (*Photo courtesy of Nathan Dowd)

If Danielle and Izzy had to sum up the latter part of the evening, it could be done in three words - epic dance party! The people at this wedding loved and wanted to dance. Izzy's father sprinted down the porch when he heard the opening notes of Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf, his one requested song of the night. He and 20 guests sang the lyrics to each other and danced like there was no tomorrow.

Danielle modelling with a can of Partake IPA. (*Photo courtesy of Nathan Dowd)

Partake Loves Weddings!

Was Partake there to witness this? Although, the time crunch was a reality, Partake Brewing didn't want to let Danielle down. She was on an alcohol break and has sober friends. With Partake IPA barely off the canning belt, the beer made it into Danielle and Izzy's hands. When we asked Danielle about her time with Partake she said:

"My wife and I appreciate Partake Brewing for getting me through the summer stone cold sober. Grilling with Partake. Hanging out with friends with my Partake. Dancing my butt off on the most important day of my life, with Partake. Everyone who tried it was very impressed. Great flavour and you would never know it is NA. Partake is an amazing beer."

Thank you for including us at your wedding, Danielle and Izzy!

Partake at the wedding taking it all in on the sidelines. (*Photo courtesy of Nathan Dowd)

Why Partake At Your Wedding?

Give your guests who may not want to drink alcohol, who are the designated driver or who may just want a break from what can be an alcohol-driven evening with some non-alcoholic options like Partake beer. If you would like Partake to partake at your wedding, please find us online at for more information and ordering.

*All wedding photography courtesy of Nathan Down, website -, Instagram - @natedowdphotography