Meet Our Employees - Robert Surge

Meet Our Employees - Robert Surge

Posted by Chelsea Finnigan on

Partake Brewing is made up of several amazing people, and we wanted to start sharing their stories with you by having them share their #whyIpartake stories. We first asked one of our sales representatives to share his #whyipartake story with us. Bob shared:


“I was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Syndrome after the discovery of a blood clot in my liver in 2009. After a surgery to remove the clot didn’t work, I ended up needing a liver transplant. I take anti-rejection medication that has an adverse effect when mixed with alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a glass of red every once in a while with my wife - but I prefer the taste of Partake Beers, and if I feel like having 3 or 4, I can.


I joined up with Ted and I have been a Sales Representative/ Brand Ambassador for Partake, selling (and drinking) the IPA which is still my favourite to this day. I enjoy selling partake because I have tasted just about every non-alcoholic beer on the market, and nothing comes even close to the fantastic taste of our Partake products. I always tell people that the product is easy to sell, because it does indeed taste like a craft beer. “


Bob represents Partake Brewing in London Ontario West and does an amazing job of it. Keep up the good work Bob!