Meet Our Employees - Robert Surge

Meet Our Employees - Robert Surge

Partake Brewing is made up of several amazing people, and we wanted to start sharing their stories with you by having them share their #whyIpartake stories. We first asked one of our sales representatives to share his #whyipartake story with us. Bob shared:


“I was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Syndrome after the discovery of a blood clot in my liver in 2009. After a surgery to remove the clot didn’t work, I ended up needing a liver transplant. I take anti-rejection medication that has an adverse effect when mixed with alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a glass of red every once in a while with my wife - but I prefer the taste of Partake Beers, and if I feel like having 3 or 4, I can.


I joined up with Ted and I have been a Sales Representative/ Brand Ambassador for Partake, selling (and drinking) the IPA which is still my favourite to this day. I enjoy selling partake because I have tasted just about every non-alcoholic beer on the market, and nothing comes even close to the fantastic taste of our Partake products. I always tell people that the product is easy to sell, because it does indeed taste like a craft beer. “


Bob represents Partake Brewing in London Ontario West and does an amazing job of it. Keep up the good work Bob!


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