Meet our Employees - Will Cerre

Meet our Employees - Will Cerre

Will Cerre is one of our Ontario Sales Reps with a focus on the East and North Toronto - and he does a dang good job of it. He shared his #whyIpartake story with us:

“I gave up drinking alcohol in 2014 after having suffered a bad concussion during a family ski trip. Post-Concussion Syndrome was something I had struggled with throughout my High School and University career because of hockey, and I felt that I needed a change in lifestyle if I was going to successfully be able to recover. Being in my early to mid twenties, it seemed like every aspect of my social life was in one way or another tied to drinking.. This made my transition to sobriety very difficult. Partake provided me with an alternative that not only re-connected me to social gatherings, but also aligned with my new commitment to health and wellness”

We are so glad that Partake was able to help Will reach his sobriety goals, and we are very happy to have him on the team!

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