Non-Alcoholic Beer is Bubbling Up

Non-Alcoholic Beer is Bubbling Up

Posted by Chelsea Finnigan on

By 2024, the worldwide market for non-alcoholic beer is expected to double! That means that us alcohol abstainers will have an ever-growing peer group of people to try new beers with – and it also means that more companies are catering to the NA beer crowd. Here at Partake Brewing, we are excited for what the future of the non-alcoholic beverage industry holds.

The increased interest in alcohol-free beer is encouraging many companies to invest in equipment and R&D which are expected to lead to some exciting new product developments. Some new techniques include reverse-osmosis processes that remove the alcohol from beer in a gentler way than traditional heat separation, making for better tasting beers. These innovations from companies big and small are sure to improve the taste of near beer worldwide!

Brewers are also beginning to notice what we’ve known since we founded our legacy site, people who drink non-alcoholic beer are in it not just for social responsibility reasons but largely for the taste and social connection that comes from sharing a beer. Partake Brewing is proud to have been one of the early innovators and advocates for people who drink non-alcoholic beer and we look forward to creating exciting new styles with the same quality natural ingredients you’ve come to expect.

Whatever non-alcoholic beverage you Partake in, the future of the NA beverage industry is looking up.

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Partake Brewing was founded in 2017 by Ted Fleming so he could continue to enjoy the taste of a great craft beer after he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and decided to give up alcohol. Partake products are brewed using the company's proprietary brewing method to craft award winning styles with all-natural ingredients and an incredibly low 10 calories per can.