Rialto non-alcoholic cocktail

Partake Mocktail: Rialto

Posted by Alicia Van Hyfte on

Named for the exchange of flavours between the tangy, tartness of Partake Peach Gose and bright botanicals of Sobrii 0-Gin, this Rialto non-alcoholic cocktail is simply refreshing. Thank you to our friends at Sobrii for crafting this delicious NA drink!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1oz Sobrii 0-Gin 
  • 2 barspoons of lemon sorbet 
  • Partake Peach Gose 
  • Fresh thyme garnish
  • Tall glass or stemless wine glass & a straw


Step 1: Pour Sobrii 0-gin into a glass with the two barspoons of lemon sorbet. Stir briefly to combine. 
Step 2: Fill the glass with Partake Peach Gose. 
Step 3: Garnish with fresh thyme. 
Step 4: Cheers!


Recipe by Jess Morton

Photography credit: Destany Filicetti

Non-alcoholic Rialto Cocktail