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Podcasts To Pair With A Partake Brew

Posted by Alicia Van Hyfte on

What do podcasts and non-alcoholic beer have in common? You can enjoy one anywhere! While working, showering, cooking, cleaning – adding a simple pick-me-up makes completing routine tasks much more pleasant. So what happens when you combine an insightful podcast with a refreshing NA beer? In our opinion, magic.

Here are our recommendations for popular podcasts to pair with a Partake Brew:

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) - Blonde

Hosted by two writers from the website HowStuffWorks (Josh Clark and Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant), Stuff You Should Know has been a fan favorite for the past 13 years. Often ranking in the iTunes top ten, this roughly hour-long show is sure to satiate your general curiosity for the world. Covering a vast range of topics including science, history and pop culture, this show is akin to a friendly sit down with some well researched friends.

We recommend pairing this fun podcast with Partake Blonde. The light but full flavor of the Blonde makes it an easy but complex sipper. This pairs nicely with a podcast that is similarly easy to enjoy and has an underlying layer of depth and complexity.

Dissect – Dark/Stout

Hosted by Cole Cuchna, Dissect is all about the art of contemporary music. Each season tackles a different album as the series works to explore the themes, imagery, and structure of some of today’s most influential works. Each 30–90-minute episode takes a deep and analytical look at individual songs within each chosen album. The shows methodical format allows for meaningful insights to be made about classic albums such as Childish Gambino's Because the Internet, Beyonce's Lemonade, Kendrick Lamar's DAMN., Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Frank Ocean's Blonde.

We recommend pairing this in-depth podcast with Partake Dark/Stout for a rich and meaningful experience. Made to be slowly enjoyed, take in sips of this full-flavored beer while gaining a better understanding of the music you love.

Second Life – Pale

In this podcast, host Hillary Kerr highlights inspiring women who have been able to successfully make drastic career pivots in a wide variety of industries. This interview-based series has Kerr talking to a stunning array of artists, entrepreneurs, and founders. While being a great source of entertainment, the discussions often also become very inspirational. Allowing you to hear the stories behind these influential women, the Second Life podcast discusses both the milestones and missteps on the journey towards success.

We recommend pairing this motivational podcast with Partake Pale. The Pale’s crisp and sharp flavor works to compliment Second Life’s lively and entertaining conversations.

Business Wars – Red

For the business-minded individuals and/or anyone who just finds corporate rivalries interesting, there is Business Wars. Hosted by David Brown and produced by Wondery, this podcast discusses the constant battles between business competitors and what drives them towards success or failure. This high energy podcast goes in depth into the rivalries of organizations such as Nike and Adidas while also looking at how the outcome of their conflicts affects our purchasing patterns.

We recommend pairing this high-stakes podcast with Partake Red. The dynamic taste of the Red pairs perfectly with the series’ energetic nature.

99% Invisible – IPA

Hosted by Roman Mars, 99% invisible focuses on the unnoticed design and architecture of our world. It demonstrates the power of design and how our everyday lives are affected by objects and structures that we passively ignore. With a shorter runtime than most podcasts (around 30 minutes per episode) this series is a quick and efficient way to see your surroundings in a whole new way. Exploring topics such as technology, architecture, and history 99% brings you into the world of a designer in an impactful way.

We recommend paring this insightful podcast with Partake IPA. This hoppy all-day sipper is a perfect addition to an afternoon spent learning about the world around you.

Podcasts Featuring Partake Brewing

For a few more podcasts that pair with any Partake brew, have a listen to these episodes that feature our Founder & CEO Ted Fleming telling the story and inspiration behind Partake Brewing on Bar Hacks (Episode 31), Let’s Eat (Episode 83), and Mind Your Marketing (Episode 96).

Grab your favorite Partake brew, put those headphones in and press play on a podcast – you’re in for a good day!