Price Increase Notice

Posted by Partake Brewing on

A lot has changed in the past couple of years. We’ve evolved with new innovations and expanded distribution so we can continue to deliver on our commitment to providing you with great-tasting non-alcoholic options for any occasion.

The macroeconomic environment has also changed and like many in our industry, inflationary pressures are affecting our entire business as production and shipping costs have steadily increased. To continue delivering on our commitment to quality, we need to make changes as well. 

 Starting on April 11th, we will be raising our online prices. To minimize the impact for subscribers, we will grandfather in all subscriptions prior to April 11th at the current pricing for all of 2023.

 Thank you so much for your support. In the past 3 years, we have gone from a small non-alcoholic beer brand to one of the most recognized in the NA category, and we are deeply committed to continuing to deliver on those expectations.