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After a long day of work, or upon returning home from an adventurous day outdoors, is there anything more relaxing than cozying up with your favorite craft non-alcoholic beer and escaping into the storyline of a great TV show? If you’re on the lookout for a new series to binge while enjoying a brew, here are our recommendations for shows to stream that pair with your favorite Partake.


Stanger Things - IPA

Stranger Things is an exciting mix of science-fiction and horror that manages to remix classic elements in a way that creates something fresh and interesting. Built around a core group of well-developed characters, the show manages to engage in high-level action and suspense without losing the charm and imagination of classic 1980’s cinema. This gripping series will have you emotionally invested in the group of young friends as they deal with supernatural forces, secret government conspiracies, and the challenges of adolescence.

Much like our IPA, Stranger Things offers a refreshing twist on a classic formula. Watch the mysteries unfold in-between sips as you lean closer and closer into the action on your screen.


Schitt’s Creek – Pale

Schitt’s Creek is a quirky but thoughtful modern sitcom with all the hallmarks of a classic comedy. Its light, fun atmosphere makes it an easy and entertaining watch on almost any occasion. The show is hilarious and features a memorable and likeable cast. Throughout the seasons, this unhinged, screwball comedy keeps your interest by continuously becoming weirder and more self-aware. In this way, Schitt’s Creek is able to distinguish itself from other series to become something more unique and thoughtful.

We recommend pairing this show with our endlessly crushable Pale. The Pale’s balanced but surprisingly full flavor is sure to delight when enjoyed alongside this show’s wacky comedic antics.


Hilda – Stout/Dark

Hilda is a wonderfully charming animated series that follows the adventures of a young girl in a world full of elves, giants, and trolls. Based on a graphic novel, this show excels in having quaint original storylines populated by comedic eccentric personalities. The amazing animation combined with the old-world aesthetic makes for a visually pleasing watch, taking you through mythical cities and forests. The imaginative backbone of the show allows the writers to come up with interesting new solutions to the episodic problems that shape the larger narrative.

We recommend pairing this show with our Stout/Dark to fully capitalize on the warm earthy highlights. For a perfect evening, sit back and enjoy the medium-roast coffee flavoring as you are taken away to an imaginative world full of friendship and magic.


The Good Place – Blonde

The Good Place is a light but surprisingly complex comedy about a morally grey cast of characters and their struggles to understand the afterlife. Faced with otherworldly forces, this show delivers laughs while remaining unpredictable and inventive. The Good Place manages to elevate the typical sitcom formula by introducing deep philosophical ideas in an easily digestible package.

This series pairs perfectly with our Blonde, as they are both big crowd pleasers. The Partake Blonde is a light and bubbly brew has a full body with a balanced flavor profile. This makes it a great companion when watching a show that is similarly refreshing and complex.


The Mandalorian – Red

This new fan favorite set within in the Star Wars universe, follows an infamous bounty hunter as he travels across the galaxy. The Mandalorian manages to update Star Wars for a new generation in a way that is enjoyable to everyone, including older fans of the franchise. The show expertly blends in western elements into the space opera formula without losing touch with the fundamental basics of science-fiction.

For a pairing that is smooth and balanced with strong classic inspirations, we recommend watching this show while enjoying our Red.


Now that you’ve found a show that pairs with your favorite Partake, grab your brew, settle in, and enjoy!