Until We Can Once Again Partake Together

Until We Can Once Again Partake Together

Posted by Chelsea Finnigan on

As we progress into our second month of COVID-19 lockdowns and ongoing isolation measures, we wanted to reach out to our loyal fans and consumers and remind you that we are here for you during this difficult time. We have been working hard behind the scenes to continue to do our part to support our community.

First and foremost, we continue to work around the clock to ensure that consumers who wish to enjoy Partake are able to do so. We continue to stock the shelves at key grocery stores and liquor stores across Canada and the United States. In an effort to support physical distancing efforts, we also continue to make Partake available for online purchase and delivery at www.drinkpartake.com . We continue to aim to deliver our products as quickly as possible, but given the uncertain times there may be delays in shipping and delivery that are outside of our control. We thank our fans for their continued understanding and support.

As an organization, we are also dedicated to giving back to our local communities and supporting the restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores that have supported Partake in the past. First and foremost, Partake fervently believes in nourishing those around us and have pledged to make a donation to the food banks in our local communities that are helping those most in need. Additionally, we continue to encourage everyone, when possible, to support your local bars, restaurants and pubs. We have compiled a list of some of the restaurants and bars that are continuing to serve takeout during this time and we encourage our fans to support them where possible. You can view the list at: https://drinkpartake.ca/pages/covid-19-update

As we continue to navigate the current climate, we’d like to let the Partake community know, as always, that we are here for you and we look forward to being able to Partake together with you again in the near future.

Stay Safe.

The Partake Team