Partake & Pickeball
come together

Serving as the proud official partner of the APP Tour, we kicked off 2024 on the pickleball courts in Punta Gorda, Florida. Here are the top highlights from our whirlwind weekend:

the storm - literally

Rain, rain, go away? Not a chance!
Despite a chillier than normal weekend in South Florida and a weather forecast of showers with a chance of sleeping iguanas tumbling from palm trees, our Canadian brew crew members shrugged off the chilly weather with a smile. Rain or shine, the pickleball kept going and we kept the beer flowing all weekend long.

Taking Over
the championship court

It’s hard to top a moment like
this: Championship Court, a sea of eager faces, and in our hands? Ice-cold
Partake brews, of course! We sipped and rallied the crowd for a group cheers
that echoed through the court.

The Hero:
Pete Reilly

Pete’s love for pickleball knows no bounds, from organizing epic clinicsto mentoring the next generation of pickleball pros. And let’s not forget his stellar contributions to the Punta Gorda Pickleplex where the weekend was hosted! We were honoured to recognize Pete his outstanding contributions to the
community and for inspiring others.

Catch you
later, alligators

As if the pickleball action wasn’t exciting enough in picturesque Punta Gorda, there was indeed a sign that read "Danger Alligators." Fortunately, no alligators were spotted during the tournament.